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ACCT614 Applied Managerial Accounting

Course Description:

This course focuses on using available accounting information to help the managers of the company to make relevant decisions. Inspects how the financial information developed for the external users forms the basis for the managerial accounting system. Explores costing systems, cost behaviour analysis, responsibility accounting and volume-profit relationships.

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate the process involved in corporate governance and how it applies to managerial accounting
  • Evaluate the reports that make up the financial statements and explain how to prepare them
  • Summarize the functions of cost classifications, cost allocation, and job order cost systems
  • Break down cost-volume-profit analysis and how it relates to income statements
  • Analyse how firms decide on a pricing strategy and the different pricing methods
  • Summarize how companies set standard costs and support why they are advantageous
  • Apply the different methods, ratios and formulas important in financial analysis
  • Evaluate the software programs pertinent to managerial accounting, and discover their benefits
  • Construct the different types of budgets, analyse why budgeting is important, compare different methods for budgeting and describe capital budgeting.


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